The simplest way to loop & repeat any YouTube video.
Just add Q to any youtube URL or paste your link.

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When is YoutubeQ helpful?

YoutubeQ allows you to loop & repeat YouTube videos endlessly. Repeat music, videos, tutorials, funny movie scenes, or scenic scenes like fireplaces and aquariums.

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How to use YoutubeQ

Simply add a 'Q' to any YouTube video link. Yep that's it!

Repeat Music

Listen ∞ Forever

Have a song stuck in your head and just can't let go of it? YoutubeQ can help!

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Watch ∞ Forever

Love something? Watch it forever! Watch your doggo friends on repeat while you work.

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Enjoy ∞ Forever

Want to set a vibe? Loop fireplaces, aquariums, ASMR videos, white noise, and whatever your heart desires.

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Check out these answers to some frequently asked questions by members from our community.

YoutubeQ is a web tool that allows you to loop & repeat YouTube videos in an infinite loop without any intervention after it reaches the end.

Yep! It works on desktop and mobile.

Yep! YoutubeQ is free to use, forever!

YoutubeQ is not associated with YouTube in anyway. We are simply a tool that allows you to repeat and youtube video.

YoutubeQ is 100% safe! All the data traffic on YoutubeQ is SSL encrypted. Non of your videos are tracked or stored.

You won't see any video ads while using YoutubeQ. However, you still may see small banner ads at the bottom of each video loop.

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